Real Estate Solutions

LinkinSoft real estate management solutions cover both the basic and advanced needs of any real estate enterprise. Our solutions tackle the most common issues a real estate manager, developer or broker might face. In addition to that; our real estate software solutions are 100% open to customization and expansion. Whether you have specific requirements or not; LinkinSoft can help you run your real estate businesses effectively.

Linkinsoft Real Estate ERP solution manages all operations carried out by real-estate businesses whether they are brokers, developers or facility managers. From accounting to property management and ending with contracts management; it is all covered under one solution.

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Custom Software Solutions

EMR Solution (Blueberry Teriac)

Based on the real workflow from experienced physicians' offices, Teriac EMR system was built with a set of useful Electronic Medical Records features to help you manage your practice efficiently. You will be able to use Teriac EMR system for appointments scheduling, patients profiles management, patients visits management, prescription, billing and many other usefull features that are listed below.

Teriac was built as a set of desktop client applications that can interact with each other using secured channels over the Internet. In addition to the rich user experience of the desktop applications, Being Desktop allows each client to continue functioning as a separate entity offline in case of any Internet connectivity issue. This design will help clinics to spare the money and efforts that can be spent for setting and maintaining a local intranet within the clinic.

Why Blueberry Teriac?

Designed by doctors, Reviewed by doctors and Approved by doctors

Blueberry Teriac EMR/PM solution System is an easy to master software with simple installation steps, it is designed for the life style of out-patient clinics based on the daily workflow and the experience of the physicians. Blueberry Teriac was designed by utilizing CCHIT Electronic Health Records standards, Service Oriented Architecture and Cloud computing to be a cutting edge EHR and Practice Management solution which will spare you the time and money for securing and maintaining your data, it will also spare you the efforts and the cost of maintaining a local network within your clinic. So you can leave the technical, Security and Integration stuff for Blueberry Teriac team.

Blueberry Teriac Support Team

As part of our customer care, Blueberry Teriac team will be ready and open for receiving your feedback, notes, suggestions and to support you using Phone, Email or over skype.

Stay Up-To-Date

Our customers will be able to get the software updates in an automated way without interrupting their work, They will also get an up to date list of registered medications, medical tests and all other lists provided by the system.

Security and Reliability

Using the secured integration channels, the account security and the user permissions, you can be sure that your data will not fall in the wrong hands, and also by the continuous support of Blueberry Teriac team you can be sure that your practice will not be interrupted by any technical issue or data loss.

Advisory Committee

The advisory committee is a group of individuals whom are experienced in the medical field and/or EMR systems and whom are responsible for evaluating Blueberry Teriac EMR system and advise the Blueberry Teriac team with their feedback and suggestions in order to make sure the Blueberry Teriac EMR System is well implemented and well serving your practice needs.

    • MD -MSC -PH.D –MRCP
    • Chairman of Jordanian Atherosclerosis & hypertension Prelusion Society.
    • PhD, Health Information Technology Professor
    • Campus President at California Career Institute
    • Adjunct Faculty at California State University, DH
    • Dermatology and Medical Cosmetic
    • Skin Clinic, Amman, Jordan
    • Reproductive System Surgeon
    • Senior Reproductive System Surgery Resident at Jordan University Hospital
    • Pediatrics and Nephrology Specialist
    • Private Pediatrics Clinic, Amman, Jordan
    • Pathologist
    • Senior Pathology Resident at Jordan University Hospital
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Accounts and Inventory

Accounts & Inventory Solutions

LinkinSoft Accounts & Inventory solutions cover a wide range of industries such as; contracting, trading, manufacturing, catering, hospitality, real estate...etc. The strength of our accounts and inventory solutions is represented in their ability to deliver both basic and advanced features and functionalities to the users. They are capable of linking different locations together; so you don't have to worry about the number of branches or stores.

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Point of Sale Solutions

LinkinSoft point of sale solutions has been running for years in shops, kiosks and companies for the past 7 years. The POS solutions have been serving restaurants, shopping mall outlets and shops in wide industries. Regardless of your products type, our POS is capable of managing its stock levels accurately. It is also integrated with an SMS system to send a daily sales and stock reports to your head office. The solution is also fully customizable and upgradable to whatever requirements your company needs.

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Point Of Sale
Contracting Management Solutions

Contracting Management Solutions

LinkinSoft contracting management solutions are smart enough to save your costs and manage your projects effectively. Our purchasing module is capable of comparing different quotations from different suppliers and summarize to you the best purchasing decisions. Our smart connection will help you linking all of your projects both financially and stock wise in order to keep you updated about every project expenses and material needs. Regardless of your customization requirements, our contracting management solution can adapt to them because it has been fully built in LinkinSoft.

Linkinsoft Contracting ERP manages the daily operations of contracting business covering projects management, financial management, inventory management and many more...

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Factories and Industrial Management Solutions

LinkinSoft factories and industrial solutions guarantee production at lowest costs. Those solutions are intended not only to calculate exact cost of every production, but to also optimize the expenditure of raw materials and labor costs for the production. Production phases are all covered within our solutions; starting from items requisitions up to outputting the final product. The status of each production line can be monitored at any time through our production reporting modules.

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Factory ERP Software
Human Resources Solutions

Human Resources Solutions

LinkinSoft human resources solutions are adapting the UAE labor office laws in terms of contracts types, vacations policies and gratuity policies. The solution has the capability of managing organizations of any sizes and any businesses. Our HRMs has also two modes; online and offline to support employees whether they are in one location or various locations. In addition, our HRMS can be integrated with any other software and hardware solutions in the market.

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Trading Management Solutions

Linkinsoft trading management ERP enables companies to optimize the trading procedure on a streamlined manner across all departments. This solution will coordinate and manage the flow across all employees, departments and branches. LinkinSoft ERP for traders connects your organization inside out and improves the overall performance of your organization.

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Trading Management Solutions