Our Company

LinkinSoft is a software research and development company established back in 2006. The company started off by hiring a mixture of experienced and fresh enthusiastic computer engineers. Our company believes that it is it's role and duty to educate its clients about various benefits generated from applying computer software technologies. Hence, LinkinSoft has been involved in almost all industries helping them elevate their businesses through the usage of software solutions. Moreover, we are now contributing in companies online existence through new services such as SEO, social media management and online ads campaigns.

CEO Message

The more alternatives you take into considerations; the more you're well prepared for tomorrow and the better decisions you make. I have spent the last 10 years listening to clients and understanding their problems. I learnt how to help them realize their problems, design solutions for them and reach their goals. At the same time, every single day the hole of knowledge is becoming deeper, wider and more complicated. Thank you; to everyone who gave, give and will give LinkinSoft the opportunity to handle their issues through proposing optimal solutions. We will always walk by your side; you will never walk alone.

Company Mission

To walk side by side with our clients and help them grow faster, maintain stability, efficiency and effectiveness through applying our extensive experience in problem analysis and solving.


To be the role model among software solutions enterprises and transfer our knowledge to the world.