Custom Software Solutions

Are you tired of paying for features that you don't use? Is the current solution too confusing for you to use or understand? Are you getting what you really need from your software? Are you frustrated by the maintenance services provided to you? Are you looking for customizations or upgrades to your current system?
If you're experiencing any of the above; LinkinSoft will help you by tailoring a solution to fit your exact needs. No more vague features, system downs, slow reports and limited upgrades and functionalities. Our custom solutions service will deliver your exact needs in a very simple manner.

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Custom Software Solutions

The following table is a comparison between ready-made solutions and custom solutions

  • Ready-Made Solutions

  • Features of the application has general requirements known in the industry. (You don't know exactly what you need). Save cost of IT consultancy

  • Price is based on number of licenses or users. Software price itself is low; but maintenance and license fees are expensive

  • Software updates are usually slow to be applied (it depends on other users of the same system)

  • Customization is usually limited to the system features.

  • Custom Solutions

  • Features are specific to your business needs and requirements. (You know what you exactly need or you're going to use IT Consultancy)

  • Price mainly depends on your requirements (development time and cost)

  • Software updates are fast and made especially for you as the client

  • Customization is fully open to anything.